Improve Your Communication and How You Feel About Each Other


Start improving your relationship today and see if Couples Therapy is a right fit for you and your partner.

Modern relationships have never been more stressful, particularly in the speed of our current fast-paced world. We can help.

At Modern Therapy Group, we address individual issues and build up core strengths. Partnerships aren’t about blame, they’re about solutions. You and your loved one will gain insight as you hear and learn from each other. By working as a team, you’ll be able to move forward together.

What brings someone to Couples Therapy?

  • Betrayal
  • Angry or resentful partner
  • Low-sex or no sex
  • Infidelities
  • Emotionally cold or disconnected partner
  • Inability to forgive
  • Differing beliefs and values
  • Gaslighting

Gaslighting is emotional abuse. It involves an intentional manipulation and distortion of the truth to make you think, feel, or behave in a certain way. Over time you begin to question your own reality and perceptions, making it easier to be controlled and led into abusive situations.

While no one can prepare for the painful trauma of betrayal, we want to provide you with the necessary steps to heal. Betrayal violates trust and that violation can have an impact on all your other relationships.

  • Shame
  • Embarrassment
  • Low self-esteem
  • Confusion
  • Loss of identity
  • Inability to trust instincts


Understanding your particular attachment style can be an important step in learning how you relate to others in a relationship.

The Four Attachment Styles were first developed in the 1950s by Mary Ainsworth and John Bowlby.

Secure: a secure person can build healthy and long-lasting relationships

Anxious: an anxious person can be preoccupied with their attachments, often gravitating to relationships that are high in drama and low in trust

Avoidant: an avoidant person may fear commitment, often finding themselves in relationships with more distant attachments

Fearful-avoidant: this type of person is often drawn to close relationships but tends to be fearful of them

We’re here. We can work with you to improve your
relationship. Getting to the bottom of things can make
for a long and healthy partnership.

At Modern Therapy Group, we specialize in the Gottman Method, a proactive and therapeutic approach to Couples Therapy, created by John and Julie Gottman. This research-based technique begins with a thorough assessment of the relationship. Additionally, we integrate the Sound Relationship House Theory into treatment. A strong “friendship system” is crucial to building and sustaining a positive connection. The Gottman Method can increase intimacy, dislodge harmful barriers, and create a heightened sense of empathy for both partners in the relationship.

Knowledge of each other’s inner worlds will make your relationship more fulfilling and will also make it more resilient to weathering storms.

What you can expect from Couples Therapy

  • Develop tools for meaningful communication
  • Help you see, hear, and respect each other
  • Identify, understand, and resolve conflicts
  • Rediscover the bond that brought you both together

Take control of your life story

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