Dialectical behavioural therapy

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Learn to regulate emotions, cope in healthy ways to stress, and improve relationships with others.

Is it difficult to maintain strong, healthy relationships? Are you engaging in behaviors that make your situation worse? Do you experience quick and intense changes in mood? It’s normal to feel confused or misunderstood about who you are sometimes, especially when experiencing intense, negative emotions or when you seem out of control with your behaviors. Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) can help you to learn skills to manage these difficulties, find balance, and become unstuck from extreme emotions.

Dialectical behavioral therapy is a form of talk therapy derived from cognitive behavioral therapy. The goals of DBT are to teach people to live in the moment, regulate emotions, cope in healthy ways to stress, and improve relationships with others.

There are 4 main parts of DBT that can help:

  • Mindfulness: Learning to focus on the present and become nonjudgmental of ourselves and others. Fully experiencing what’s happening around you and inside you with compassion, empathy, and self-love.
  • Emotion Regulation: Learning how to understand and manage our emotions. This can help you have more control over feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.
  • Distress Tolerance: Learning how to deal with stressful situations and emotions when they come up. Being able to handle stress in a healthy manner.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: Learning how to maneuver and navigate all types of relationships in order to build healthy, long-lasting ones. Learning which relationships are the ones that matter most.

At Modern Therapy Group, we know how hard it can be when your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors seem hard to handle. Through individual therapy, you will work together with a therapist to help you to develop skills that will be life-long and help you find fulfillment. We also have a DBT Skills Building Group where you build long lasting strategies. DBT has been shown to be effective for issues such as eating disorders, difficulty regulating emotions, anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, and PTSD. We are happy to talk with you about what you’re struggling with and help you feel balanced and restored.

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