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Geoffrey Tilocca

As you take a step towards achieving personal growth and change through counseling, I want to commend you, and offer a safe, dynamic, and enriching space to flourish in. Fear, isolation, uncertainty, stress, grief, hardship, anger, sadness, and confusion can be troubling emotions to deal with especially during difficult times. Through a melding of client-based and solution-based approaches, my intention is to be a beacon of emotional support and understanding as well as an intuitive and active voice helping you navigate your life

Using a person-centered and solution-based approach, we will work at your pace to foster growth, healing, self-actualization, and strength in your life. My counseling style involves psychodynamic functions aimed at understanding your thoughts and emotions, while also using CBT-based exercises to promote your active role in our counseling journey.

I understand it can be very overwhelming to share personal thoughts and emotions with someone for the first time. I provide a safe space for us to build an open dialogue where you feel validated, supported, and nurtured in our sessions. I serve as an ally and warm presence as well as an active facilitator of better mental health for my clients.

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