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Redefining Mental

Heal. Grow. Resolve. Persevere

Our mission is to help individuals reconnect with themselves

Do you find yourself struggling with complex relationships, rollercoaster emotions, a sense of self/identity, practicing self-love, or learning how to feel comfortable in your own body after trauma? We’re here to help.

Both our in person and virtual group practice helps people learn how to be present and foster the skills necessary to handle the curveballs that life throws at them.

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Redefining Mental Healthcare​

We typically work with:

On our journey together we can help you navigate:

How We Do It

A Modern Approach

Modern Therapy means therapy… with results. Our progressive team of therapists focuses on an evidence-based intervention that often calls out traditional and outdated talk therapy modalities. We’re direct, hands-on, and always at the forefront of cutting-edge modalities and practices.

Such practices include:

Working together we will set goals, seek out solutions, and deliver results. We also offer the modern convenience of telehealth: therapy right in your own home. If you prefer in person visits, we’d love to see you at our office!

It’s essential that our clients get personalized referrals to the therapist on our team who best matches their needs. Finding the right fit is the first step to making therapy work.

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