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As anxiety therapists and professionals who specialize in addiction and trauma, our primary focus is working with those who struggle with anxiety, relationships, intimacy, and avoidant behaviors, as well as issues related to Adult Childhood Trauma, Codependency, Attachment Disorders, Addiction, Sex and Porn Addiction, and Isolation. We offer the utmost flexibility in our approach with both in-person and virtual sessions to accommodate your individual needs. Using a trauma-based model, we are dedicated to helping you work through the difficulties of finding fulfillment within yourself and/or your relationships, in whichever way suits you best.

We also work with those who struggle with ADHD; trouble staying focused, inability to complete tasks and impulsive behaviours. Together, we will create a plan with personalized coping skills and tools to lead you toward creating deeper, more meaningful connections with others and yourself.

Our services

Individual Psychotherapy

In a fifty-minute session, we work with you to identify and explore the best therapy modalities to fit your needs. We will create a plan with personalized coping skills and tools to lead you toward creating deeper, more meaningful connections with yourself and others.

What brings someone to Individual Psychotherapy?

  • Sex Addiction
  • Porn Addiction
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Low Self-Esteem and Perfectionism
  • Isolation and Loneliness
  • Body Image Concerns
  • Intimacy Avoidance and Attachment Disorder
Individual Psychotherapy​
couple therapy

Our services

Couples Counselling

We help couples face conflicts head-on, using these opportunities to go deeper as opposed to running from or ignoring problems in the relationship. We teach partners to hold emotional space for each other and work towards secure attachment and healing.

What brings someone to Couples Counseling?

  • Betrayal
  • Infidelities
  • Differing Beliefs or Values
  • Low Sex or No Sex
  • Gaslighting
  • Foundation Building

Treatment modalities will center around the Gottman Method.

Our services

Group Therapy

The best way to bring our community together is to grow and learn from one another. Group Therapy allows us to utilize modern and progressive therapeutic techniques to bring forth effective results.

What are the different techniques of Group Therapy we specialize in?

  • Cognitive Behavioral Groups – centers on identifying and changing inaccurate or distorted thinking patterns, emotional responses, and behaviors.
  • Interpersonal Groups – focuses on your interpersonal relationships and social interactions, including how much support you have from others and the impact these relationships, have on your mental health.
  • Addiction Support Groups – Provides a supportive environment for individuals seeking to overcome substance, pornography, and gambling addictions through shared experiences and strategies.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Support Groups – focuses on shared experiences, strategies for managing ED, and fostering a supportive community to navigate the emotional and psychological aspects of erectile dysfunction.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy – DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) groups are designed to help individuals develop skills in emotional regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and mindfulness. These groups are tailored to different age groups to provide appropriate support and guidance.
  • Eating Concerns + Body Image Groups – This group focuses on addressing issues related to disordered eating, body image dissatisfaction, and promoting a healthy relationship with food and self-image.
  • Trauma Informed Group –  Provides a nurturing environment where individuals can journey toward healing, empowered by shared understanding and compassionate support.
  • Psychoeducational Groups – focus on educating clients about their disorders and ways of coping often based on the principles of CBT.
  • Skills Development Groups – focuses on improving social skills in people with mental disorders or developmental disabilities.
  • Support Groups – provide a wide range of benefits for people with a variety of mental health conditions as well as their loved ones.
  • Sex and Porn Addiction – This group offers a supportive environment for individuals struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors or addiction to pornography. It aims to provide education, coping strategies, and a space for individuals to share their experiences and work towards recovery.
  • Gambling Addiction – This group is specifically designed for individuals who are grappling with gambling addiction. It provides a platform for individuals to discuss their challenges, receive support, and learn techniques to overcome their addiction.
  • Women’s Substance Use – This group offers a safe and confidential space for women struggling with substance misuse. It focuses on promoting recovery, addressing underlying issues, and fostering support among group members.
  • Men’s Substance Use – Similar to the women’s group, this group is specifically tailored for men dealing with substance misuse. It provides a supportive environment for men to share their experiences, gain insights, and work towards recovery.
  • Gay Men’s Support – This group offers a supportive space for gay men to discuss their unique challenges, share experiences, and receive support from peers who can relate to their specific experiences and concerns.
  • Family Trauma Processing – This group is designed for individuals who have experienced traumatic events within their family system. It provides a supportive environment for processing and healing from the impact of family trauma, while also fostering connection and understanding among group members.
  • Men’s Emotional Processing – This group focuses on helping men explore and navigate their emotions in a supportive and non-judgmental setting. It aims to provide tools and strategies for emotional expression and self-awareness, promoting overall mental well-being.
  • Trans, Gender Non-conforming, Non-binary Process Group – This group provides gender non-conforming and transgender folks a safe and supportive space to discuss their personal experiences. Some issues that are addressed in group are social/medical transitioning and dealing with microaggressions and dead naming.
Group Therapy​
Group Therapy

Learn. Grow. Thrive

DBT Skills Group

The DBT Skills Group presents a comprehensive and dynamic 20-week curriculum designed to enhance participants’ coping strategies across a variety of challenging life situations. Each week introduces a fresh skill, crafted to strengthen your “psychological toolkit.” Our curriculum is segmented into four pivotal components, each focusing on a fundamental aspect of emotional and interpersonal health:

Mindfulness: We delve into the practice of mindfulness, which is the cornerstone of DBT. It equips you with the ability to be present in the moment, observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment, and ultimately, gain greater control over your reactions to stressful situations.

Distress Tolerance: Life inevitably throws curveballs, and our distress tolerance module is designed to fortify your resilience. You’ll learn techniques to withstand and manage crisis situations without resorting to self-destructive behaviors, helping you to navigate the rough waters of emotional turmoil.

Emotional Regulation: Emotions can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to control your life. This segment of the program is designed to help you understand your emotions better, reduce your vulnerability to emotional instability, and engage with your feelings in a healthier, more balanced way.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: The quality of our interactions has a profound impact on our well-being. This component focuses on enhancing your communication skills, asserting your needs with confidence, and handling interpersonal conflicts with ease.

Our flexible attendance policy allows you to tailor your participation to your personal needs and schedule. Whether you choose to engage with each skill as it’s presented weekly or select sessions that resonate most with you, our program is here to support your journey towards a more mindful, tolerant, regulated, and effective way of living. Join us to embark on a transformative path that leads to a more fulfilling life, bolstered by an empowering set of DBT skills. 

DBT Skills Group​
Assertiveness Training Group​


Assertiveness Training Group

A safe space to learn how to be assertive and ask for what you need effectively!

Weekly topics include:

  • Developing assertive communication skills.
  • Articulate characteristics of assertive people.
  • Discern differences between assertive, aggressive, and passive communication.
    Focus on individual characteristics for overall assertive communication development.
  • Draw from a variety of assertive phrases.
  • Articulate nonverbal communication cues of assertive people.
  • Internalize assertive practices.
  • Incorporate more assertive communication into your daily life.
  • Improve communication competence.
  • Become more assertive.

Individual Couples Group Therapy

Ketamine Therapy

Intensive Outpatient Therapy


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