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Vermont Therapists: In-Person and Online Therapy Vermont

Our mental health and therapeutic services can be accessed both virtually and in person across Vermont. To accommodate diverse needs, we provide support in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, ensuring communication in your preferred language. We are in-network with most major insurance providers, and our team consists of qualified, licensed Vermont therapists. Book a free consultation today.

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We are therapy, modernized. Discover an innovative approach to modern life.

Modern Therapy Group represents a new era of effective therapeutic solutions. Our team of innovative, licensed therapists in Vermont employs evidence-based methods to transcend outdated and inefficient therapy practices. We prioritize a direct and proactive approach, continually integrating the latest advancements in the field to drive meaningful client progress.

With Modern Therapy Group, you can navigate through challenges and experience profound growth. Our expert support team is dedicated to guiding you on your journey to wellness.

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What type of therapy are you looking for?

Selecting the appropriate type of therapy is crucial for addressing your mental health needs and achieving optimal outcomes.


Individual counseling provides a one-on-one setting where clients can explore mental health issues in depth with a licensed therapist or independent clinical social worker. This type of therapy is ideal for addressing mental health concerns, life transitions, substance abuse problems, and self-esteem issues.


Couples therapy in Vermont is designed to help partners navigate relationship challenges in a supportive and compassionate way and improve communication. It focuses on resolving conflicts and fostering a stronger, healthier bond.


Teen therapy addresses the unique psychological and emotional needs of young adults. Vermont therapists support teens through the complexities of personal development, peer relationships, and anxiety and stress over academic pressures.


In-person or online therapy in Vermont: it’s your choice.

Choosing between in-person and online therapy with Vermont therapists allows clients to select the format that best meets their needs and preferences, each mode of counseling bringing its own unique benefits.

In-person therapy with mental health counselors offers direct interaction, fostering a more personal connection and building trust and rapport with the therapist in Vermont. Being physically present in the same space allows for a full perception of body language and non-verbal cues, enriching the therapeutic process. Additionally, visiting a dedicated therapy space can provide a sense of routine and remove everyday distractions, creating a structured environment conducive to healing.

On the other hand, online therapy with a licensed mental health counselor in Vermont offers convenience and accessibility, allowing clients to attend sessions from the comfort of their own home or any location. This reduces the need for travel and makes it easier to fit therapy into a busy schedule. Online therapy also often provides more flexible scheduling options, accommodating varying time zones and personal commitments. Moreover, engaging in therapy from a familiar environment can help clients feel more at ease, promoting openness and a sense of safety.

Ultimately, both in-person and online therapy offer effective avenues for support and growth, ensuring clients can choose the best method for their lifestyle and therapeutic goals.


Finding the right therapist has never been easier.

Finding the right therapist has never been easier. Our clinic boasts a team of highly qualified Vermont therapists with extensive experience who are dedicated to providing exceptional care. Each therapist brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various therapeutic modalities, ensuring a comprehensive approach to good mental health care and wellness.

Whether you are seeking help for anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or personal growth, our therapists are equipped with the skills to guide you toward achieving your therapeutic goals. Trust in the professionalism and compassion of our team to support you on your journey to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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Why Choose Us to Be Your Vermont Therapists?

At Modern Therapy Group, you’re not just a client; you’re part of a collaborative partnership to enhance your mental health and well-being. Our licensed therapists are here to support you through your health, whether it’s managing stress, overcoming personal obstacles, improving relationships, or simply making positive changes in life. Choose us to experience a modern approach to therapy that values your individuality and prioritizes your mental health goals.

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Vermont Therapists - The Importance of the Therapeutic Relationship

The foundation of any successful therapeutic process is built on trust and safety. Clients must feel confident that their therapist’s office is a reliable and non-judgmental space, enabling them to open up about their deepest thoughts and feelings, which is essential for effective counseling. A strong therapeutic relationship is characterized by empathy and understanding. Clients who believe their therapist understands their experiences and emotions are more likely to build a meaningful connection, which can significantly enhance therapeutic outcomes. This empathy helps clients feel valued and validated, which is crucial for their healing journey.

The therapeutic relationship is also a collaborative partnership where both the therapist and the client must be committed to the process, working together to identify goals and strategies for improvement.

This is what we provide at Modern Therapy: a safe, empathetic, and collaborative environment where clients can achieve personal growth and overcome challenges with the support of skilled and compassionate Vermont therapists.

If you have questions or need help for yourself or a loved one, contact Modern Therapy Group by filling out our online form or calling us at (646) 374-2827.

Vermont Therapists: Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about starting therapy in Vermont? We have answers.

During your first therapy session, your therapist will conduct an initial assessment to understand your mental health history, current concerns, and objectives for therapy. This session is primarily about establishing rapport and gathering information to create an appropriate plan. You can also ask questions and discuss what you hope to achieve through therapy.

During your first therapy session, your therapist will conduct an initial assessment to understand your mental health history, current concerns, and objectives for therapy. This session is primarily about establishing rapport and gathering information to create an appropriate plan. You can also ask questions and discuss what you hope to achieve through therapy.

Yes, confidentiality is a fundamental component of the therapeutic relationship. Therapists are bound by ethical guidelines and legal requirements to ensure anything discussed in session remains private – they cannot share anything with families or friends. There are limited exceptions to confidentiality, such as instances where there is a risk of harm to yourself or others.

Therapy effectiveness can be gauged through various indicators such as achieving personal goals, experiencing a reduction in symptoms, improved emotional regulation, and enhanced overall well-being. Regularly reviewing progress with your therapist can help determine the efficacy of the treatment.

There are various types of therapies, and all therapists will have their own counseling style. Common types of therapies utilized include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, internal family systems therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, solution-focused therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and even group therapy in some cases. Person-centered therapy is also common.

Each therapeutic approach can be employed individually or in combination, depending on the specific needs and goals of the client.

In therapy, you can address a wide range of concerns, such as anxiety, trauma, sexual assault, and stress, which often impact daily functioning and overall well-being. Therapy provides a structured setting to explore and improve self-esteem, develop effective coping skills, and gain new perspectives on challenging situations. It also offers support for tackling substance use issues and managing self-criticism, fostering a healthier and more balanced emotional state.

Therapy covered by insurance

Finding the right therapist has never been easier.

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