Gabriel Windevoxchel

Hello, my name is Gabriel Windevoxchel and I am a bisexual, gender non-conforming therapist. I recently received my master’s in mental health counseling and wellness from NYU’s Steinhart School of Culture, Education and Human Development. My parents emigrated from to Peru and Venezuela in search of a better quality of life to Puerto Rico, where I was born and raised. My native language is Spanish, but I am also fully fluent in English due to my upbringing back in my home country. I find that my afro-indigenous heritage is a very important part of who I am, and how I interpret the world around me.

During my time at NYU, I primarily focused my studies on communities of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, and the effects of pervasive trauma. I also am very interested in neurodivergent and personality disorders. I am interested in working with queer-identifying individuals and people of color. My theoretical orientation for my work is a wellness-based integrative approach. To me this means an integration of narrative therapy approaches to assist you with finding insights as well as infusing person-centered approaches to enrich the relationship we will build together. My framework for therapy also adopts core values of both multicultural and neuropsychological theories to allow for conversations where individuals can learn how their environment and biological makeup have an important role to play in shaping one’s life story.

I was drawn to the mental health field because, being the child of immigrant parents, I was exposed to pervasive forms of trauma from a very young age. This lead me to feel alone and hopeless for a long time, until the moment I met my first counselor in high school. She was the first person who made me feel like I had a place in this world. My experience with her, and other counselors after her, planted a seed in me that ultimately lead me to discover my passion for therapy, and other modalities of healing.

Beginning one’s own healing journey can be quite frightening, and that’s why I seek to create a space where empathy, understanding, and compassion is what will guide all the work we do. Community is very important, and for that we must be willing to welcome each other with open arms and open hearts.

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