Being an authentic psychotherapist for my clients is crucial towards forging a lasting and useful therapeutic relationship. I have always been a student of the human mind—examining myself and others. I am a firm believer that a psychotherapist must understand and work on themselves in order to fully help their clients. I promise that throughout the course of our relationship I will do the best that I can to empathize with and understand you, and consistently adhere to my principles of humility, patience, and inquisitiveness. I will help you to navigate life and address areas of difficulty, trauma, and distress, rather than assessing you in a manner that is clinical or cold.

My therapeutic style is a combination of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Rogerian Therapy (being “real in the room”), and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT). I will provide a kind, nonjudgmental space—but I will also ask you to question deeply held beliefs that may not be serving you. I heavily incorporate attachment theory, and I focus on mindfulness, readjustment of maladaptive thoughts, and unconditional kind regard in order to provide you with an environment that is both safe and productive. There is also an existential element to my style of therapy: what gives you a sense of purpose? What makes you feel fulfilled? My intention is to validate your experiences and assist you in journeying through your specific, unique path. Together, we can aim to help you stand in your power, and own your authentic truths.

Olivia Rosenzweig is a dedicated Mental Health Professional who received her education at New York University. Olivia is working toward receiving licensure as a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC). Olivia is committed to guiding you through your process of healing and self-discovery while also creating a safe, therapeutic environment, and employing an integrative approach that draws from several evidence-based modalities. Initially, she will approach your areas of concern with curiosity and kindness. Your therapeutic relationship with her will blossom from your first session. As new discoveries are made, your sessions with her will deepen to address any and all difficulties that life may bring your way. She will also help you to explore your past, present, and future with an open mindset. Olivia gained therapeutic experience working within substance abuse centers and is qualified to help overcome addictions. She is also semi-fluent in French, should you need a psychotherapist with this capability!

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